Various Packaging

  1. Vac Bags 150mm by 200mm
    Each (+VAT)
  2. Vac Bags 300mm by 350mm
    Each (+VAT)
  3. Vac Bags 350mm by 450mm
    Each (+VAT)
  4. Vac Bags 400mm by 400mm
    Each (+VAT)
  5. Vac Bags 370mm by 560mm
    Each (+VAT)
  6. Vac Bags 320mm by 360mm
    Each (+VAT)
  7. Vac Bags 250mm by 300mm
    Each (+VAT)
  8. Vac Bags 250mm by 250mm
    Each (+VAT)
  9. Vac Bags 200mm by 250mm
    Each (+VAT)
  10. Vac Bags 300mm by 400mm
    Each (+VAT)
  11. Ball of No 5 Rayon String
    Each (+VAT)
  12. PEACH Paper 10" by 12" (Box of 1000)
    Per Box (+VAT)
Thatcham Butchers Meat Packaging

Range of meat products from Thatcham Butchers

Local Wholesale Butchers

At Thatcham Butchers, we pride ourselves on being one of the premium wholesale butchers for Berkshire and North Hanpshire. We supply a wide selection of beef cuts, all from premium quality assured Hereford and Angus cattle.

Our high quality of beef has made Thatcham Butchers one of the prefered catering meat suppliers in the area – providing high quality meat products for many high profile clients in the hospitality industry.

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